Named for a series of culinary mishaps at a fire station in the Pacific Northwest, Smoke Alarm Media was founded by a firefighter who was trained as a chef.  Alas, his culinary skills were lacking in using the broiler and smoke would soon fill the kitchen at the fire station.  The incidents became so frequent that the 911 dispatch would call the station and ask if "Chef Smoke Alarm" would kindly refrain from cooking on his shift.  Thus Smoke Alarm Media was born.

Time passes on, and we all get older. Facing retirement (and aches, and pains, and Male Pattern Baldness), Smoke Alarm Media was reorganized into Signature Tastes, to better reflect the mission of shining a spotlight on Place-Based Tastes. It's the same great books, the same great recipes, and most importantly, the same great tastes.

Signature Tastes Charities

We have been fortunate to do what we love, in the places we love.  And to honour that, we donate a portion of every book we sell to local charitable organizations. 

We were founded by a giving back is in our blood, so to speak.  For every book that is sold, we make a donation back to the community that the book is about. Please let us know if there is a group or organization that we could help.

These are the organizations that we are truly proud to support, and they support those in their communities.