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Bastiens Sugar Steak

In 1937, the Bastien family purchased the Moon Drive Inn in downtown Denver, Colorado, which quickly became a favorite hangout. In 1958, the building was torn down and replaced by what now stands strong, designed by Mr. Bastien himself. Today, this humble steakhouse is famous for its thick-cut, sugar steaks, served rare or medium-rare only.

Montreal Steak seasoning
White sugar and brown sugar
(1) 16-ounce New York strip steak
Preheat the grill to 900 degrees F (yes, you read that right). If you are using a skillet, heat until it starts to smoke.

Coat the steak with the rub and sugar. Grill the steak to caramelize the outside, then flip the steak and add more sugar rub. Flip the steak two more times, each time adding more rub (four times total). Cook the steak to desired doneness, 10 to 13 minutes for medium rare. If you are cooking in a skillet, sear the steak two times, and finish in a 275 degree oven.

Rest the steak for few minutes and serve hot.

Cook's Note:
The idea behind this is to caramelize the outside while sealing all the juices inside. At Bastien's we will only prepare this steak rare to medium rare! Although the Bastien's steak rub is a secret, you can use a steak rub that includes several different varieties of sugar along with a blend of herbs and spices.