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Inkiostro Lotus Flower

An Innovative cousin, where creativity and flavors are mixed together perfectly,

Chef Terry Giacomello offer in his dishes a trip through texture and tastes from all over the globe, trying to excite curiosity and stimulate the palates of the guest. A Michelin winner in Parma, Italy, food is elevated to art...

40 gr of peeled lotus flower sprouts
handful red shiso leaves
3 egg yolks
soy sauce
1 tablespoon lemon juice
10 tablespoons brown butter
edible flowers
400g vinegar
500g sugar
200g water
For the Lotus Flower Sprout:
Place the lotus flower sprouts in a jar with the 500gr of sugar, 400gr vinegar and 200g of water.
Let it marinate for 1 week with the jar hermetically closed

For the Spices Powder:
Dry the Red Shiso and then shred it thinly with dried Soy Sauce, obtained via the dehydration of the liquid soy sauce
Let it rest for a bit

For the Hollandaise Sauce:
Whip the egg with the lemon juice, salt and brown butter.
Cook over a water bath to make a classic Hollandaise Sauce
Place the sauce in a siphon a leave it at ambient temperature.

To serve:
Put the hollandaise sauce on a plate, place the marinated Lotus Flower Sprouts vertically in the sauce
On the top of every lotus flower place some spice powder.
Use the edible flowers for decoration on the plate.