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Tahiti Nui Squid Ink Seafood Pasta

If you’re looking for onolicious food, live music and a warm, friendly atmosphere, Tahiti Nui in the heart of Hanalei will welcome you with open arms.  Since opening in May 1963, Tahiti Nui has been family run and operated and continues to serve and entertain patrons with the same casual, romantic vibe found only in Hanalei.

olive oil
red onions
fresh tomato
mong chong (or another white fish...we used bluefish)
tomato basil sauce
white wine, 
squid ink pasta

1) In a hot pan, "start with a little bit of oil and butter, we'll take some garlic, shallots and red onions, fresh tomato, and a little bit of salt."
2) Cook it for a minute, mixing it up.
3) Add your seafood ("On the seafood medley I put clams, scallops, and a local white fish, today is mongchong, a very versatile fish, and prawns.")
4) Add "a little bit of basil, add tomato basil sauce. Mix it up. Some white wine, Pino grigio preferably."
5) Cover it, bring to a boil.
6) Put your pasta in boiling water, cook it, strain it.
7) Put the cooked pasta in with the seafood.
8) Slide it into your serving bowl.