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YOSO Hiramasa Ceviche

The "street food & sushi" formula here (in keeping with the meaning of the restaurant's Korean name: Yoso) takes its inspiration from the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. YOSO is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Andernach, Germany.

For the Ceviche Curing Liquid:
250ml apple juice
70g brown sugar
35ml rice vinegar
1 piece lemongrass, sliced into rings
4 lime leaves
30ml Ponzu
20ml Kalamansi puree
35ml lime puree
1 red chilli, sliced into rings

For the Ponzu Gel:
30ml Ponzu
40ml pear juice
50ml soy sauce
1.5g agar

For the Avocado Mousse:
1 ripe avocado
Lime juice
Chili powder

For the Pickled Daikon:
250g rice vinegar
250g of water
500g sugar
3tsp turmeric
1 daikon radish

For the Hiramasa Ceviche:
50g raw hiramasa fillet per serving
Maldon Sea Salt
Ceviche curing liquid (see above)

For the Ceviche Curing Liquid:
Put all ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil, then remove from the heat.
Set aside for 30 minutes.
Pass through a sieve and reserve the liquid.

For the Ponzu Gel:
Boil the liquids until they decrease in volume to 100ml.
Add the agar and simmer for a further 3 minutes.
Remove from heat, allow to cool and solidify.
Mix in a Thermomix to obtain a smooth gel.

Tip: to make a more homogeneous gel, the total amount of liquid should be 400ml (so multiply above Ponzu gel recipe by 4). The excess, unused gel can be vacuum sealed in small bags and frozen until required. To use again, let the gel thaw and then stir with a whisk until smooth.

For the Avocado Mousse:
Remove the avocado’s shell, and roughly chop the avocado.
Blend or mix with a fork until it is as smooth as possible.
Season with lime juice, salt and chilli powder to taste.
If necessary, pass through a sieve.

For the Pickled Daikon:
Mix all liquid ingredients and tumeric, and bring to a boil.
Put the radish into a vacuum bag and pour the hot liquid over the radish, then seal.
Allow to cool, and then cook at 68° C in a water bath.
Cut the pickled daikon using a slicer into thin strips.
Cut the longer strips into smaller ones, measuring 1.5cm wide and 6cm long for rolling the strips into rolls.

For the Hiramasa Ceviche:
Cut the 50g of hiramasa sashimi into three slices for each serving.
Put the slices in the cooled ceviche curing liquid for 15min.
Remove and salt with some Maldon Sea Salt

To serve
Lay the hiramasa ceviche slices flat on the plate.
Dot the plate and ceviche with the avocado mousse.
Place a daikon roll on each piece of ceviche
Garnish with mini rice balls, pickled sushi ginger and red-veined sorrel.